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Ferrari SF90 – New Supercar


2020 Ferrari SF90

The Ferrari SF90 is to be launched with the most powerful V8 engine ever produced by Ferrari combined with three electric motors. Combined, the 4.0-litre V8 sitting mid-car, two electric motors powering the front wheels and a motor that sits between the 769-bhp V8 and eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, produce 986 bhp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

The SF90 is Ferrari’s first all-wheel-drive sports car  and it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, reach 125 mph in 6.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 211 mph. At a dry weight of 1730 kg it is 12 kg lighter than the La-Ferrari, the only other Ferrari hybrid car.

Styling includes square taillights, a suspended rear wing with a shut-off gurney. Internally, a new look cabin boasts a 16-inch curved screen displaying a fully digital central instrument cluster.

The price for the SF90 in the UK is expected to be £1,000,000

Premier Plates UK are able to supply a range of V8 personalised number plates for the Ferrari SF90 with prices starting from £10,195

Premier Plates UK

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Ferrari 488 GTB – Ferrari’s Supercar

GTB 4W number plate

GTB 4W Number Plate for Ferrari 488 GTB

The new Ferrari 488 GTB was unveiled earlier this year as an evolution of the Ferrari 458 Italia with a mid-engined design and a V8 twin turbo-charged engine delivering 660 bhp at 8000 rpm. The latest addition to the range of super cars produced by Ferrari has a higher torque output that the V12 normally aspirated V12 Berlinetta and as a result it can reach 60 mph from a standing start in 3 seconds.  The 488 tag is derived from the cylinder size of 488 cc with an overall engine size of 3904cc. The car has a distinctive sound which has been specifically engineered by the team at Ferrari whilst the styling of the car has in part been influenced by the aerodynamic requirements which have seen a 50% increase in down force when compared with the 458 Italia from which it has evolved. The car has a large front air intake similar to the Ferrari 308 GTB whilst it has adjustable diffusers at the rear which modify the air flow at different speeds. The 488 GTB retails at around £184k in the UK and Premier Plates UK have an ideal personalised number plate in GTB 4W retailing at £4.5k

Premier Plates UK

If you are an owner of a Ferrari then you should visit the Premier Plates UK website where you can search and order your ideal Ferrari number plate at a competitive price worry free. Premier Plates UK have over 45 million personalised number plates available with some of the most exclusive cherished number plates available within the UK car registrations market.

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Auto World to Move Ahead in Great Strides with Apple Car


The world of cars is fast advancing and new vehicles are being introduced at a vast rate. The boundaries of the car market are being changed. One of the most striking changes to the car market is the application of new intelligence technologies and software. New technology applied to road vehicles is on the horizon with Apple Inc., expected to introduce its smart car. While many might view Project Titan, Apple Inc’s effort of manufacturing a smart car, as a monumental distraction from the Company’s core expertise, most of the officials at Apple feel justified in pursuing this venture.

What to Expect from Apple’s New Car?

Apple has long been known for the hi-tech appliances it has developed for its users. So, if Apple comes up with a new car, what can be expected from it? Is it going to be as amazing as other developments in design made by the Company?

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Apple’s car, which is likely to be a product of their Project Titan.

A Competition with Tesla with Electric Car

Apple Inc. is all set to compete with Tesla with its new product, the smart car. In fact, it is all set to “give Tesla a run for its money”. This is because, in line with the green trends being seen in the auto industry, the vehicle is an electric car. This also highlights Apple’s growing interest in renewable energy, which has driven the company to build an $850 million solar plant in California. So, the Apple Car is also likely to add a new dimension to the already amazing world of electric cars.

A Completely New Design

The apple car is yet to hit the road. But the prototype has already revealed the expected design of the car. American cars do not generally meet with the requirements of excellent design. In fact, they are lacking in design excellence. According to Business Insider, this is also the way Apple’s Design Chief Jonny Ive views American car design . He had previously been involved with Ford in creating a concept car.

Following the Feats of Its Other Products

Like most of its other appliances, Apple Inc.’s car is also set to touch new standards. Far from a simple car, it is likely to be loaded with computers and advanced software. It will have wireless connectivity, which is likely to make it safer than most of the other vehicles. The car is expected to have artificial intelligence. Moreover, Apple’s smart car is expected to be controlled prudently by this intelligence, which is going to play a major role in avoiding crashes. Besides, it will also respond to voice commands, thus making the process of controlling the car easier than ever before.

A Moving Computer with the Comforts of a Car

The car from Apple Inc, which is expected to hit the roads in the very near future, is likely to create new definition, blending concept cars and excellent consumer experience. In short, the car from Apple Inc is going to be almost like a mobile computer, with all the features of the computer in it and, at the same time, delivering the joy of driving and riding in utmost comfort.

The world of cars is fast, dynamic and constantly evolving.  It’s more focused on the world of connected cars these days. And keeping in mind Apple’s list of products that make it a giant in the effort to make the world a connected place, the company is sure to move forward in great strides as a pioneer in the manufacturing of connected cars.

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