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Top 5 Things to Remember When Selling Your Car



With the car world moving ahead at a fast pace, it’s difficult to stick with a single vehicle for very long. The new vehicles that hit the road on a frequent basis are luring people away from their current car with new amazing features. It is fairly typical for people to want to replace their current car with a new one. When selling your current car you need to ensure you realise the true value of your vehicle.

Here’s a quick look at the things you need to do to sell your car in order to realise its true value:

Keep All Documentation

Ensure you keep all vehicle documentation. Every document relating to your vehicle is of value when you want to sell your vehicle to someone else. You need to ensure you have the servicing record for each time you have had the vehicle serviced. The service record for your vehicle is extremely important as it demonstrates that you have taken care of the car during your ownership of the vehicle. You will need to ensure you have the V5C registration document for the vehicle which confirms the year of manufacture of the vehicle and the number of previous owners.

A Pre-Sell Inspection

Perform a pre-sell inspection of your car by a recognised independent third party. It is extremely important for the purchaser to have a car that will be reliable.  They might consider a pre-purchase inspection of the car. So, it is always a good to pre-empt this and arrange for an independent inspection yourself.

Vehicle Appearance

The appearance of the vehicle plays a major part in convincing the potential buyer to purchase the vehicle. Ensure the vehicle has been cleaned externally and valeted. When selling your car you need to ensure you present the vehicle in its best condition.

Pricing the Vehicle

Ensure you research the market and price the vehicle competitively for the market at the time of sale. You can indicate whether you will accept offers below your asking price by adding ONO (Or Nearest Offer) into your adverts. You can always amend your price subject to the levels of interest you generate from your initial advertising.

Attract Purchasers through Marketing

There are multiple methods available to you for marketing your vehicle. There are magazines and news papers that you can use for advertising your vehicle but these can be expensive. You need to consider the value of your vehicle and your target audience. It wouldn’t be sensible to advertise a low value vehicle in a National Newspaper for instance which would represent high cost advertising. It would be more prudent to advertise a low value vehicle on a low cost internet based marketing portal such as e-bay or gumtree.

You can decide how effectively your marketing is working for you by measuring the level of interest it generates and modifying accordingly.


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