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DVLA Auction Enthusiasm

The enthusiasm for Personalised Number Plates in the UK is reflected in the prices recently paid at the DVLA Timed Auction in September with these Top 10 plates totalling over £0.5m in income for the DVLA and the UK Government.

There were a number of surprises at the most recent auction with Number 1 Cherished Numbers heading the top ranking positions based on price. There were also some huge sums of money exchanged for names that are not hugely popular in the UK with MATILDA and FATIMAH combining to return the DVLA in excess of £80,000 in revenue.

On the face of it  95 O looks to represent the best value when comparing the price paid for 25 O of £518,480 in 2014 by John Collins of Talacrest who also bought 250 L and 500 FER at the auction in 2014. A Bitcoin related plate also hit the top 10 again following the previous Auction sale of BTC 500X. At this auction BTC 601N reached a hammer price of £20,010!

‘Oh My God’ plates continue to feature with 22 OMG reaching a hammer price of £27,150 at position 7. This follows on from a recent DVLA Auction where 5 OMG reached a hammer price of £30,110!

There were a very small number of registrations that were unsold at the auction with only 10 lots out of 1500 remaining unsold. It can be seen from these Auction results that there continues to be an enthusiasm for cherished numbers and the online Auctions continue to return the revenues that the DVLA Auctions attract  from members of the public and businesses alike.

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