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SA22 RAH Top Auction Result

DVLA Auction Plates

The DVLA Auction held in June 2022 with the Top 10 results as shown demonstrates how the value of new style name related plates can realise height normally only reserved for dateless or prefix name related plates. The top plate in value was SA22 RAH with a cash sum of £45,150 paid for this SARAH name related plate. This follows on from MA22 CUS in the previous auction where a cash sum of £10,965 was paid. We have similar 22 series plates that represent incredible value in comparison with the following plates available at lower prices than DVLA auction plates: MA22 VYN, GR22 EGS, MO22 AGS, FE22 NES and MA22 KYS. We also have surname related plates at incredibly competitive prices in the form of LA22 ARD, LA22 ADS, MA22 ATT, GA22 ETY, HA22 UPS, HA22 APS, WA22 KUP, HU22 ENS and more. If you are looking for value then you just need to compare the prices for our stock numbers and see how they compare favourably with similar DVLA Auction plates.

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