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Private Number Plates

We have over 55 million private plates available with prices starting from 69.00

Our competitive pricing combined with our high quality and personal service has consistently brought repeat business from our satisfied customers - we feel that there can be no better measure of a successful service package than this.

Our database has more registrations than the DVLA, and we offer the lowest prices across the full range of private registrations available on the market. Car registrations available from Premier Plates UK represent 99.9% of all market available uk reg plates.

A fast search of personalised number plates can be performed online with our secure ordering system also providing an efficient purchasing process once you have identified your ideal cherished number plate. We specialise in registration marks for premier marques including Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Aston Martin and BMW whilst also offering reg marks for motorcycles.

We believe that our experience and expertise in buying and selling personalised number plates will benefit our customers in choosing the right registration for their budget whilst also ensuring our range of available personalised registrations gives the best choice to our customers.

We have been in business since 2002 and we have an extensive client base of sellers which should give you what you are looking for in terms of value and quality.

High Quality Number Plates

In addition to our brokering service which includes the marketing and valuing of private number plates we also supply high quality number plates.

Our acrylic number plates are made from high quality materials and manufactured to the highest of standards. All materials used are BSAU145d approved and all of our design options comply with the Display of Registration Marks Regulation.

We have an extensive range of number plate designs available for cars and motorcycles with national flag options for england, scotland, wales and euro GB, borders, and plain or 3D font styles - all of which are supplied to legal requirements.

Our range extends to the supply of classic number plates for cars and motorcycles - these are high quality pressed aluminium plates for pre - 1973 vehicles and we can deliver within 48 hours without any additional charges.

In addition to perspex and pressed aluminium plates we supply engraved number plates for classic cars and motorcycles. We supply our products to leading classic vehicle manufacturers and we pride ourselves in being able to meet with exacting standards of quality.

Private Plate Valuation Service

We provide a service for valuing personalised number plates and this can either be a paid valuation or an unpaid valuation service. Our paid valuation service is provided where someone merely wants to establish the value of their private number plate but does not want to sell entitlement to their car registration. Our unpaid valuation service is available on the basis that a personalised number plate is made available for sale with immediate effect. In addition we provide a bidding service for clients that need to secure a car registration from the government dvla auctions.

Valuations are performed by an assesor with over 17 years experience and we believe our valuations are a fair and accurate representation of market value based on market conditions and our extensive knowledge and experience in assessing the value of private plates.

If you would like a valuation for your private number plate then please submit your request from our valuation page.