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Registration Retention System

The Retention System provides a facility for removing a registration number from a vehicle and placing the registration on to a certificate in readiness for future assignment to another vehicle.

The Retention System Explained.

If you are changing your vehicle and you would like to keep your private number plate then this is a guide for retaining your registration number. In order for you to retain your registration number you need to place the registration on "retention". Retaining a registration number enables a cherished registration number to be transferred from a vehicle and placed on a V778 retention certificate for a renewable period of 10 years.

Retention certificates (V778) are issued by the DVLA when a registration number is transferred from a vehicle pending future assignment to another vehicle. Cherished number plates that are not reassigned to a vehicle need to be renewed every 10 years.

The registered keeper of the vehicle can apply to retain the vehicles registration and under the new revised scheme for transfers he or she can request the V778 retention document to be issued in the name of another party at the time of transfer on to retention. In order to transfer the registration on to retention the vehicle has to have a current MOT and currently be taxed for the road.

In order to retain your car registration it is necessary to complete a V317 form. The form once completed will need to be processed by the DVLA and it is necessary to provide the form to DVLA Swansea. The V5C registration certificate (log book) and the vehicle MOT certificate (where applicable) will also need to be provided with your V317 application form. A fee of 80 applies and the fee is payable to the DVLA.

On processing the application the DVLA will issue a new age related registration to your vehicle at no charge. In the vast majority of cases the vehicle will be issued with the registration number that was originally issued to the vehicle. Once you are in receipt of the new V5C the process is legally complete.

Upon receipt of the replacement V5C for your vehicle you must display the new registration on your vehicle whilst also notifying your insurance company of the change in vehicle registration.

Please download a V317 form from here

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