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Auction Results from May 2022

The DVLA Auction held in May 2022 yielded results that saw solid prices achieved in combination with some lofty prices.

The Top 10 Personalised Registrations by Value are as detailed with cash of around 382k spent on the Top 10.

The Top 10 value increased from the previous two auctions with the top three numbers accounting for around 50% of the total.

#1 PAT 3K: Hammer Price 78,010

#2 51 TES : Hammer Price 60,130

#3 1 YSD: Hammer Price 53,010

#4 35 BUG: Hammer Price 32,680

#5 11 MSK: Hammer Price 32,040

#6 11 HSS: Hammer Price 27,980

#7 1 PUM: Hammer Price 23,010

#8 ARA 1N: Hammer Price 22,820

#9 K111 NNG: Hammer Price 22,570

#10 MUD 111Y: Hammer Price 22,010

The top plate by price is a PATEK name related plate with a significant sum of cash changing hands for this number.

The second plate by price is 51 TES with an association to the word SITES or it was sold to a competing bidder with the name TESSA

Auction Results from April 2022

The DVLA Auction held in April 2022 yielded results that saw standard formats with solid prices achieved.

The Top 10 Personalised Registrations by Value are as detailed with cash of around 284k spent on the Top 10.

The Top 10 value was comparable with the March DVLA Auction but with the top two numbers standing out in terms of price.

#1 53 NGH: Hammer Price 61,010

#2 8 TOY : Hammer Price 43,010

#3 333 O: Hammer Price 29,510

#4 1 NGX: Hammer Price 24,990

#5 262 C: Hammer Price 23,210

#6 270 A: Hammer Price 22,000

#7 1 YSF: Hammer Price 20,670

#8 1 TLP: Hammer Price 19,020

#9 AMA 6N: Hammer Price 19,010

#10 2 VSS: Hammer Price 18,330

The top plate by price is a SINGH name related plate with a significant sum of cash changing hands for this number.

The second plate by price is 8 TOY following on from a series of single digit dateless TOY plates intended for supercars.

Auction Results from March 2022

The DVLA Auction held in March 2022 yielded results that saw some standard formats reaching lofty prices.

The Top 10 Personalised Registrations by Value are as detailed with cash of around 275k spent on the Top 10:

The Top 10 value was lower than recent auctions without any particular number standing out in terms of price.

#1 313 M: Hammer Price 28,510

#2 511 AM : Hammer Price 28,000

#3 CR11 PTO: Hammer Price 27,490

#4 VKS 1: Hammer Price 25,120

#5 1 JVN: Hammer Price 25,010

#6 3 TDF: Hammer Price 23,590

#7 20 MJS: Hammer Price 22,400

#8 360 S: Hammer Price 21,010

#9 OC70 PUS: Hammer Price 20,010

#10 VEY 1: Hammer Price 20,010

The theme for Bitcoin related Personalised Registrations resurfaced with CR11 PTO available at this auction.

An Octopus plate was sold in the guise of OC70 PUS with this being an ideal Brand related plate for the promotion of a business.

Auction Results from January 2022

The DVLA Auction held in January 2022 yielded results that were encouraging for people looking for a reasonably priced plate.

The Top 10 Personalised Registrations by Value are as detailed with cash in excess of 365k spent on the Top 10.

The Top 10 value was only 61% of the value achieved at the December 2021 auction with prices not being so lofty.

#1 75 O: Hammer Price 70,010

#2 PAK 157N : Hammer Price 63,910

#3 1 OSM: Hammer Price 35,010

#4 OP71 ONS: Hammer Price 30,010

#5 11 YK: Hammer Price 27,610

#6 6 XN: Hammer Price 26,010

#7 UPP 41B: Hammer Price 23,610

#8 1 RUT: Hammer Price 22,660

#9 8 XV: Hammer Price 22,010

#10 MUU 5A: Hammer Price 20,010

The theme for Bitcoin related Personalised Registrations came to an end with no related plates available at this auction.

It would be fair to say that there are some more reasonable prices paid for traditional formats in this auction.

Devilish Auction Results from December 2021

The DVLA Auction held in December 2021 yielded some surprising results with the DEVIL making a brief appearance.

The Top 10 Personalised Registrations by Value are as detailed with cash in excess of 600k spent on the Top 10:

#1 DEV 1L: Hammer Price 240,010

#2 456 JR : Hammer Price 37,010

#3 BTC 80Y: Hammer Price 35,010

#4 115 LAM: Hammer Price 32,020

#5 841 G: Hammer Price 30,000

#6 RU22 ELL: Hammer Price 27,810

#7 11 SSP: Hammer Price 25,010

#8 414 M: Hammer Price 24,210

#9 1 THM: Hammer Price 22,610

#10 4 XRP: Hammer Price 22,010

The cash sum paid for DEV 1L is in excess of 300k and that is a large sum of cash just to be a little DEVIL

The theme for Bitcoin related Personalised Registrations continued with BTC 80Y following on from BTC 500X and BTC 601N sold at previous auctions.

There are some lofty prices paid for standard formats in this most recent auction and the auction process has clearly worked in driving prices high.

UK Data for New Vehicle Models in 2021.

Recent data from SMMT reveals the popularity of Vehicle Models in the UK.

The Top 10 Vehicles Year To Date, based on Sales Volumes, are as detailed:

#1 Vauxhall Corsa: 38,306

#2 Mercedes Benz A Class : 29,510

#3 Volkswagen Polo: 29,478

#4 Volkswagen Golf: 28,666

#5 Nissan Quashqai: 27,800

#6 Kia Sportage: 27,297

#7 Mini: 27,167

#8 Ford Fiesta: 27,000

#9 Ford Puma: 26,870

#10 BMW 3 Series: 26,115

In previous years the top 2 positions have consistently been held by the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa.

It is likely that the Ford Puma has taken sales away from the Ford Fiesta to relegate the Fiesta to 8th in the rankings.

The Manufacturing winners are Volkswagen with 2 models in the top 10, with a combined sales volume of 58,144

DVLA Search Data for Personalised Number Plates

Recent data from DVLA reveals the popularity of name related searches when searching for personalised number plates.

The Top 10 Name related searches with the number of searches across a 12 month period is as detailed:

#1 SAM: 33,758

#2 DAN: 30,986

#3 BEN: 23,579

#4 TOM: 23,251

#5 AMY: 19,288

#6 BOSS: 19,103

#7 BMW: 19,076

#8 LEE: 18,525

#9 ASH: 18,087

#10 JAY: 17,155

The search data seems to correlate closely with the name popularity in the UK over recent decades.

Searches for BOSS Plates and BMW Plates are included in the Top 10 searches.

22 Series Registrations Issued by DVLA

The New 22 Series Registration Numbers have been issued by DVLA and there are some great value for money name plates available.

The 22 Series Registrations can be assigned to New Vehicles first registered on or after the 1st of March 2022

Premier Plates UK have successfully secured an exclusive range of these name plates and these are readily available on our website.

J Prefix Un-Issued Numbers Available

The New release of J prefix registrations has been issued by DVLA and there are some great value for money plates available.

Premier Plates UK have an exclusive range of these plates available on our website.

New Car Registrations in the UK the Lowest in Decades

UK New Car Registrations in October 2021 are down 35% from October 2020.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said new registrations dropped 35% compared with the same month a year earlier.

Falling car production has been blamed on an ongoing global shortage of computer chips in combination with the impact of Covid-19.

Whilst the new car market has suffered through the pandemic, more than 32,000 electric cars were registered in September 2021, nearly as many as registered throughout the whole of 2019.

Ford Fiesta Top Seller YTD February 2021

The Ford Fiesta continues to be the UK's most popular vehicle closely followed by the Vauxhall Corsa.

So far 1,645 Fiesta's have been newly registered in 2021 with 1,408 Vauxhall Corsa's newly registered.

The next most popular vehicles in 2021 are the Nissan Qasqai at 1,321 and the Mercedes A Class at 1,298

In fifth position is the Volvo XC-40 with 1,251 newly registered vehicles YTD.

Car Registrations reduce by 38% in February 2021

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the UK car industry with a 38% reduction in new cars registered year on year in February 2021.

In February 2021 reductions in car registrations were attributed to major reductions in Petrol and Diesel engined cars with a reduction of 48.5% and 61.7% respectively.

Landrover Jaguar have announced plans to manufacture all new vehicles as electric vehicles by 2025.

Increases in Hybrid Vehicle Sales Year on Year

Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Diesel and Hybrid Electric Petrol Vehicles have increased in Sales Year on Year.

BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) have increased 49% year on year with YTD sales in February 2021 of 9,776.

HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) have reduced 23.6% year on year with YTD sales in February 2021 of 10,033.

Diesel MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles) have increased 29.8% year on year with YTD sales in February 2021 of 8,979.

Petrol MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles) have increased 35.2% year on year with YTD sales in February 2021 of 14,019.

F1 Car Plate now worth more than 30m - speculation

Mr Khan, a businessman from Bradford purchased the registration mark F1 in 2008 for around 440k.

The proceeds from the sale at that time went to fund a charity for driving standards for youngsters.

Mr Khan has an ongoing interest in high value cherished number plates as part of an investment strategy combined with a personal interest in personalised number plates.

DVLA are revoking entilement to DVLA registrations

On the 18th December 2019 the DVLA will cancel any V778 or V750 certificate that is not in date meaning that owners of personalised number plates held on a certificate will lose entitlement to their registration if they don't bring the certificates in date before then.

If you are the grantee on a retention document or on a V750 certificate and the document has expired then you will lose entitlement to the registration if you do not renew the certificate before the 18th December 2019.

You can buy the right to use a private registration again if you received the V750 or V778 before 9 March 2015 and it expired on or after 1 May 2011. You have until the 18th December 2019 to apply - DVLA will not accept applications after this date.

Illegal Number Plate Supplier taken to Court

An internet based number plate supplier has been taken to court over the supply of illegal number plates.

Number1Showplates were recently taken to court for supplying number plates with car badges.

The company were in breach of trade mark regulations and were found to have gone to extreme lengths to trade undetected.

Owners of the company were found guilty at Luton Crown Court for supplying illegal number plates to unsuspecting customers.

Confiscation orders totalling 60k and prosecution costs of 200k were ordered by the court.

Potential Vauxhall Zafira Recall

There has been a recent spate of Vauxhall Zafira's catching fire.

Zafira's manufactured between 2005 and 2014 are believed to have an issue with the heating and ventilation system installed in the Zafira 'B' model.

There are in excess of 130 instances where vehicles have caught fire spontaneously.

Vauxhall are suggesting that the issue has been cuased by the fitment of non-genuine Vauxhall parts to the vehicles and they are offering to carryout inspections at no cost.

It has yet to be seen whether a formal recall of these vehicles will be issued by Vauxhall.

Car Hacking Study Concerning

The number of new vehicles that have electronic immobilisers that can be hacked is a concern as Car Crime increases in the UK.

A recent study shows that models from Volvo, VW, Audi and Fiat are vulnerable to hacking.

The study has highlighted that car thieves don't need the key for the vehicle to disarm the immobiliser.

Models with engine starter buttons are the most vulnerable to hacking.

Hackers can steal the ignition key data wirelessly and replicate this with a computer allowing them to drive away the vehicle within minutes.

2015 First Half Year Car Sales at Highest on Record

The number of new vehicles registered in the UK from January to June 2015 was the highest on record.

The number of new vehicles registered in June represents the 40th consecutive increase in monthly vehicle registrations

The most popular car models for the period were the Ford Fiesta (71,990), the Vauxhall Corsa (50,125), and the Ford Focus (45,078).

Hatchbacks make up 8 of the top 10 highest sellers whilst the period saw a 63% increase in alternatively fuelled cars from 2014.

DVLA To Ban 15 Plates

From the 4th December 2014 the current style 15 series numbers will be released by DVLA

The DVLA has carried out its usual vetting of numbers that may be perceived to be offensive and ensured these are not released

Examples of Private Number Plates removed from sale are as follows: AP15 POT, PP15 SEY, PP15 POT, AP15 SER

DVLA Scrap Paper Tax Discs

From the 1st October 2014 the current paper tax disc system ceased to operate

Road Vehicles will not display a tax disc from the 1st October 2014 as Auto Numper Plate Recognition Systems will identify those vehicle owners that have not paid their road tax,

Road Tax payments will be made in the same way except a direct debit facility will also be available.

Road Tax will not be transferable when a vehicle is sold and the new owner will have to make a separate payment.

EU Legislation to Change UK Number Plates

The UK Number Plate may be changed for ever by the EU Euorocrats who are looking to standardise number plates across the EU

National Flags will be banned by this current EU plan and all number plates will have to disply the EU circle of stars if this plan gets the go ahead

Order your number plates with your National Flag emblem now before this EU plan becomes reality

UK Car Registrations at their Highest For 11 Years

The number of new vehicles registered in the UK during September 2014 was the highest number since March 2004

The number of new vehicles registered in September 2014 represents a 18.5% increase on the previous month

The most popular car models were the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Focus, and the Vauxhall Corsa.

The September figure represents a 14.5% increase year to date for 2014 with September representing the 26th concecutive monthly increase

ANPR Cameras Used in Town Hall Car Parks

Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are being used across the UK to catch people using private parking facilities without authorisation

People are being fined as much as 100 when parking in Town Hall car parks and it has come to light that this method falls foul of regulations

ANPR cameras are not authorised for use at council owned car parks and fines issued to members of the public should be challenged it would seem

The DVLA have banned certain 14 Plate Combinations

Further to previous years where new registrations have been issued and certain combinations banned we have again seen the DVLA apply the same rigour to the recent 14 series

The infamous BO11 LUX registration escaped the net in 2011 but the DVLA are not going to allow that to happen again it would seem

Combinations such as SL14 GGS, SH14 GGS, SH14 TTY have been censored and prevented from ever being issued to vehicles in the UK

DVLA Local Offices Closed in 2013

All Local DVLA Offices closed at the end of 2013 despite protests from DVLA Employess

Despite staged walkouts from employees at local DVLA VRO offices the DVLA closed all local offices in pursuit of reducing DVLA costs

There were over 1200 public service employees impacted by the strategy although redeployment of staff was a recognised priority.

Engelbert Humperdinck looking for Buyer

EH1 is currently on the market and reports are circulating that a 2.0m offer was made for EH 1 when Engelbert's Rolls Royce was parked outside the Savoy Hotel in London

Mr Humperdinck is believed to be trying to contact the person who made the offer and we await further news on this developing story

Number Plates as Gifts

Number Plates are increasing in popularity as gifts it would seem.

A recent survey of people and their motives for buying a cherished number plate has identified an increasing number of people making their purchase as a gift for someone else. Surprisingly the majority of these purchases are made by men and the survey has also revealed that a high proportion of the current purchases are being made as Christmas gifts. It is unusual, it has to be said, for men to be planning so far ahead as the perception generally is that men leave their Christmas shopping to the very last minute.

If you are looking to purchase a private number plate for someone as a gift then you should consult with one of our sales advisors as there are some potential pitfalls which need to be avoided.

F Prefix Name Plates still available.

The release of the 'F' prefix number plates was an extremely successful launch with many of the name related numbers being snapped up by eager members of the public.

There are still good value registrations available that are name related personalised numbers for more traditional names and these can be found and purchased securely through our website's search engine.

We also have stock 'F' prefix numbers and commission sale numbers that are name related plates and most of these are single digit quality number plates.

Our purchasing strategy allows us to offer attractive deals on single digit numbers and it is worth noting that Premier Plates own Formula 2 related plates such as F2 GUY and F2 JOY in recognition of the new F2 race series introduced in 2009 .

If you would like to take advantage of our competitive pricing for 'F' prefix numbers you can search from the search field on our Prefix Number Plates web page

Aberdeen is Plate City.

A survey conducted by Insurance has identified Aberdeen as a UK region with one of the highest density of personalised number plates.

Milltimber is an area of Aberdeen where 11.2% of car registrations are a personalised registration number.

In addition to Milltimber another area in the North East of Scotland is Macduff where 10.42% of car registrations are a personalised registration number.

Interestingly Scotland has the region with the highest density of personalised registrations, this being Fintry, Killearn & Strathblane (Stirlingshire) where 14.02% of car registrations are personalised registrations.

Premier Plates UK Video Montage Launch.

In recognition of our increasing presence on the internet we are shortly launching our Company Video Montage detailing our products and services in a concise and informative short length video.

The video will soon be available on our website whilst we will also launch the video on our social network web sites and on You Tube.

Premier Plates UK Managing Director, Tim Kaye emphasises the importance of providing a high quality online experience for visitors to the Premier Plates website and this Video Montage further enhances the web site experience for all our visitors.

We are looking forward to the video launch which will go live on our website prior to the Easter period 2010.

Katie Price Changes Plate to KP11 HOT

Katie Price has recently changed her Personalised Number Plate in recognition of her parting with Leandro Penna.

Katie's previous plate KP11 LEO recognised her relationship with Mr Penna but since their split in October 2011 she has changed the number on her Pink Range Rover.

The new plate is said to be a statement of her single status which it is reported to be a situation she is currently enjoying.

Edinburgh Lord Provost Plate likley to be Sold

Edinburgh Council are considering the sale of some of the council's assets in recognition of budgetary constraints.

The proposal being made by the Edinburgh Green Party ahead of the party elections in May 2012 is for the divestment of the Lord Provost's S0 plate.

The S0 plate is said to be worth in excess of 0.5m.

Olympic Themed Plates to be released by DVLA

The DVLA is to Auction Olympic Themed Personalised Numbers.

The next DVLA auction will be held in London and Olympic themed registrations are to be auctioned.

The new 12 series plates are also being marketed with Olympic themes.

New Car Registrations increase in H1

The number of new cars registered has increased by 5.9% on 2011 figures for the first half of the year. The increase has been most marked in Scotland where an increase of 9.5% has been measured.

An increase of 3.5% for June 2012 when compared with June 2011 has been recorded by Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Classic Cars will no longer need MOT test

The DVLA will introduce new regulation that will reduce red tape by eliminating the need for MOT testing of vehicles registered before 1960.

This change in regulation will be effective from the 18th November 2012.

The vehicles make up about 0.6% of the total number of licensed vehicles in Britain but are involved in only 0.03% of road casualties and accidents.

It follows a campaign by the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group.

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