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The terms and conditions that apply to our products and services are as detailed:

Purchasing a Registration Mark

The terms and conditions apply to all business transactions carried out by '', hereinafter referred to as the 'company'.

The person applying for entitlement to the registration mark from the company hereinafter will be referred to as the 'purchaser'.

1.1 Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (Rules on Cancellation H6) the company is obliged to inform you that the service we provide begins at placement of order and that subsequently there is no cooling off period, the transaction cannot be reversed and a refund will not be given. For purchases made through one of our finance plans the agreement to purchase begins as soon as the company receives notification of the online finance application being successful. Failure to return signed copies of the credit agreement to our finance partner will result in the purchaser being liable to make full payment directly to Premier Plates UK within 10 days from receipt of order.

1.2 It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the details entered into web based forms are correct and that information provided to our company representatives is correct at the time of purchase.

1.3 The company will not be made responsible for failed transfers of entitlement. In the event of a failed transfer where the company is responsible then a full refund will be made to the purchaser. The company's liability in this respect is limited to a refund and under no circumstances will claims for damages, interest on monies paid, or expense incurred be entertained by the company.

1.4 The documentation for the recipient vehicle will be made available to '' within fourteen days of the transaction commencing. Any delay beyond this period may result in entitlement to the registration being lost.

1.5 In the event of the company not submitting the vehicle documents to the DVLA within a twelve week period from receipt of all documentation and providing that the purchaser is not responsible for the delay then a full refund will be made to the purchaser*.

1.6 Full payment must have been received by the company in order for the transfer to commence. The transfer process will not under any circumstances commence until this qualification has been met. This qualifying condition also includes payments being made to 'the company' by finance providers.

1.7 In the event of the donor vehicle failing to meet the requirements of the DOT, a full refund shall be made to the purchaser.

1.8 The company will endeavour to process the transfer of entitlement expediently but the company cannot guarantee a specific time period for the transfer to complete.

1.9 The company will not be held responsible for delays in processing transfers where those delays are caused by third parties. This includes delays caused by the DVLA, the DOT, the postal system, communications via the internet, any unforseen circumstances or any failure or delay on the part of the donor or recipient vehicles.

1.10 All prices quoted are subject to a transfer fee and VAT unless specifically stated. All charges will be identified at the time of purchase in writing.

1.11 It is the responsibility of the recipient vehicle owner to notify his/her motor insurance company of the change in vehicle registration.

1.12 The purchaser agrees to comply with the rules and regulations applied under the DVLA 'Cherished Transfer Scheme'.

1.13 A registration mark cannot be used to make a vehicle appear younger than it is. Before purchasing a registration mark it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the recipient vehicle original date of registration does not pre-date the registration being assigned.

1.14 Where a registration mark is previously un-issued and held on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement then the person or company whose vehicle the registration is to be assigned will be the nominee.

1.15 These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between the company and the purchaser.

1.16 The agreement falls under the jurisdiction of the Courts of either England, Scotland or Wales.

1.17 The terms and conditions herein will apply unless specific conditions are applied in writing by the main proprieter of the company.

1.18 The search service provided by the company is a service that will enable our clients to view registration marks held on our database. All registration marks held on the database are subject to availability.

1.19 In providing the matching service to our clients the company is providing registration matches to the client that the company has identified in the market place. The company will not be held responsible for non-identification of suitable matches and all matches identified are provided on the basis that registration marks are subject to availability.

1.20 Our Money Back Policy applies to refunds for the purchase of registration marks where the failure of transfer has been as a direct result of the company's actions.

1.21 In the event that the purchaser fails to provide vehicle documents for assignment of the new registration to their vehicle within fourteen days or in the event that the purchaser fails to pay for the assignment of the new registration to a V778 retention document or in the event that the purchaser fails to pay for an extension to an existing V778/V750 certificate then the purchaser will immediately forfeit any right of entitlement to the registration and a refund will not be given.

1.22 In the event that the purchaser circumvents the agreement formed at the time of purchase then the company reserves the right to retain full payment on the basis that the purchaser has acted in direct breach of the agreement.

* A refund will not be granted if a delay in the application to transfer the registration mark is as a result of finance provision not concluding within the 12 week period.

Selling a Registration Mark

The selling of registration marks through the company shall be carried out in strict accordance with the terms and conditions that are detailed herein.

The person who is the current owner of the registration mark and who is looking to use the selling services provided by the company will be referred to as the 'seller' hereinafter.

2.1 The current owner shall be, either ; the person that is the registered keeper of the vehicle to which the registration is currently assigned, the named purchaser on the certificate of entitlement (V750), or the grantee named on the retention certificate (V778).

2.2 The donor and recipient vehicles must be available for DOT inspection. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that the registration mark is available for transfer in accordance with the requirements of the DVLA 'Cherished Transfer Scheme'.

2.3 If the donor vehicle is stolen or 'written off' then clause 2.2 is invoked.

2.4 Certificates of entitlement (V750) or Retention certificates (V778) will only be released for transfer of entitlement or assignment to a recipient vehicle upon receiving signed authority from the named purchaser or grantee where appropriate.

Purchasing Registration Plates

The purchasing of registration plates from '' shall be subject to the terms and conditions that are detailed herein.

3.1 The process of manufacturing registration plates will only commence at the point at which payment has been received from the purchaser.

3.2 The company will not be held responsible for delays incurred in the delivery of registration plates if the delay is as a result of a factor outside the contol of the company, this includes; the supply of faulty materials by our suppliers, the information provided by the purchaser being incomplete or inaccurate, a failure in the postal system, inadequate time between the payment being made and the deadline for postal collections, or a failure of manufacturing equipment used in the manufacturing process for registration plates.

3.3 The company is not liable for financial loss associated with delays in the supply of registration plates to the purchaser.

3.4 The registration plates supplied by the company are to be displayed in accordance with the Display of Registration Mark Regulations (September 2001) and the company will not be held responsible for any modification to the registration plates that contravene the requirements defined therein.

3.5 The purchaser is responsible for the accurate submission of information that specifies the format for the registration plates and this includes verbal requests by telephone and internet form submissions.

3.6 If registration plates are supplied in a condition where they have faults in their manufacture and this can clearly be determined by visual examination then a full refund will be made in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

3.7 All prices in relation to the purchase of registration plates are subject to Value Added Tax with the delivery charge being exempt from Value Added Tax.

3.8 A cancellation charge of 10.00 (plus VAT) will apply where a purchase request is cancelled by the purchaser.

Methods of Payment

All methods of payment shall be subject to the terms and conditions that are detailed herein.

4.1 Payments made by debit card attract a 0% bank handling charge.

4.2 Payments made by credit card attract a 0% bank handling charge.

4.3 Payments made by cheque or bankers draft should be made payable to Premier Plates.

4.4 We accept all types of debit card and all major credit cards.

4.5 Payments for purchases made through finance plans are payable to our Finance Partners in accordance with the agreement in place.

4.6 Refunds do not include bank card handling fees where applicable.

Valuations and Data Management

All valuations provided by the company shall be subject to the terms and conditions that are detailed herein.

5.1 In submitting an unpaid valuation request, authorisation is being given to the company to add the registration(s) to the company's searchable database and to market the registration with immediate effect.

5.2 Upon receipt of a request for an unpaid valuation the company will market the registration on the basis that the registration is available for sale unless informed by signed letter that the seller no longer has entitlement to the registration - All letters of notification are to be posted to our business address by recorded delivery post.

5.3 A paid valuation fee of 25.00 plus VAT can be paid by the seller to the company in order to withdraw the registration from sale except in circumstances where the registration has already been sold by the company.

5.4 The seller in submitting an unpaid valuation service request accepts responsibility to inform the company in writing of change in address or change in telephone contact details.

5.5 In the event that the seller fails to notify the company by means of a signed letter within 7 days that entitlement to the registration has been lost and the registration is subsequently sold by the company then the seller is duly bound to re-imburse the company a cash sum commensurate with the company's commission charge.

5.6 In submitting a request for an unpaid valuation the seller is agreeing to make the registration available for sale with immediate effect.

5.7 In submitting a request for a valuation the seller accepts that the company are experts and in so doing the seller accepts that valuations provided by the company are reasonable and fair.

5.8 The company will only market a registration mark as part of a targeted marketing campaign where the owner has authorised the company to act on their behalf in marketing the registration.

5.9 The company reserves the right to select those registration marks to be included in targeted marketing campaigns.

5.10 The company reserves the right to add and to remove registration marks from its searchable database in accordance with and subject to availability.

5.11 The company will always strive to maintain the accuracy of its searchable database but it cannot be held responsible for changes outwith its control.

Code of Conduct

6.1 The company has a code of conduct for the way it conducts its business and any of our customers can request a copy of the code of conduct which incudes our complaints procedure.

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