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Irish Number Plates

Irish Number Plates - A Brief Summary

Irish number plates are available from us on a commission basis supplied directly from owners in Northern Ireland.

There are several advantages in dealing directly with vendors in Northern Ireland, with the key advantage being that prices are generally speaking lower than for the UK mainland registered equivalent irish registrations.

The DVLA system for issuing registrations to NI vehicles allows the option for the owner to sell the registration in the full knowledge that the vehicle will receive a replacement number that can also be sold and transferred to another vehicle.

The cherished transfer process for Northern Irish vehicles differs to the UK mainland in this regard, as UK mainland vehicles receive a non-transferable number once the original registration is removed from the vehicle.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Question - How Popular are Irish Numbers?

Answer - Recent issues by DVLA have seen new formats with BIG and DIG formats and more recently with JIL, FIL, and MIL formats - these have seen huge popularity since their first issue in 2007.

An increasing popularity and interest in irish registrations has been seen in recent times with name associations fuelling higher demand combined with exclusive numbers such as BIG 1 and DIG 1 driving increased awareness of these registration types.

As the supply of DVLA un-issued prefix registrations becomes more limited with time these irish name related plates have increased in popularity due to their affordability.

Question - Can Irish Plates be Assigned to any Age of Vehicle?

The format of an irish number plate is a dateless format and this provides flexibility in the assignment to UK mainland vehicles of any age. The format utilises the letters Z and I within the range of letters and this allows popular name formats to be created such as ANZ, BAZ, CAZ, JAZ, MAZ, FIL, JIL, BIL and WIL.

Increasing popularity of irish registrations is a reflection of the value for money they provide as a dateless name plate and also as a cover plate where they are effective in disguising the age of a vehicle.

Question - Do Irish Number Plates increase in Value?

Answer - Irish Numbers are following the trend of increasing value with time as seen with other registration types. The extent to which their value increases is subject to a number of factors common to many registration types - these are discussed further on our number plate valuation page.

There is increasing interest in high value NI registrations such as BIG 1 and DIG 1 whilst recent sales for OIL 1 and VIP 1 have led the way with the levels of cash that people are prepared to spend on the more exclusive irish number plates.

Can Irish Number Plates be transferred to UK Mainland Vehicles?

Answer - Transfers between NI registered vehicles and vehicles registered in England, Scotland and Wales can be achieved in accordance with the rules of the DVLA cherished transfer scheme

When DVLNI integrated with DVLA in 2014 the transfer process for Northern Irish vehicles aligned with the UK Mainland. A retention system now also operates for all vehicles across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.