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Exclusive private registrations have in the past been seen as a status symbol and a declaration of wealth with only the rich and famous being able to afford the luxury of a cherished number plate.

However in the last 20 years a change in tact by the DVLA has resulted in more personalised numbers entering the market and this has made personalised number plates more accessible to the public. Buying a private number plate has never been easier with online access to millions of cheap number plates.

It is estimated that there are in excess of 4 million private registrations and personalised car number plates assigned to vehicles in the UK and that demand remains strong despite economic uncertainties.

Purchasing a private registration has never been easier with brokers and DVLA alike auctioning expensive numbers and providing access through websites with a multitude of registration types at prices varying from tens of pounds through to millions of pounds

We believe our company is best placed to provide our customers with what they are looking for in terms of registration types and competitive pricing whether looking at the low cost or the exclusive top end of the market.

Our business model ensures that our customers receive the best value regardles of the type of registration and our commitment is to always provide the best service available regardless of price.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Question - What are Private Number Plates?

Answer - The term is used to describe private registrations that add personalisation to a vehicle and that are purchased specifically to change the vehicle registration from a standard issue registration to one that is personalised.

Question - Where do Personalised Registrations come from?

Answer - All registrations are issued by the DVLA although some of the very earliest of numbers were first issued by district councils. There are rules and regulations that apply to the transfer of private registrations to and from vehicles and these are administered by the DVLA. Members of the public can purchase private number plates from a reputable broker and the broker will ensure the private registration plate is genuine and has validity for transferring to a vehicle.

Question - Can a Personalised Registration be transferred to my vehicle?

Answer - There are some registrations that are non-transferable and the V5C registration certificate will declare the registration number to be non-transferrable. There are rules that determine a vehicle cannot be made to appear younger than it is through the assignment of a private registration. The knowledge and experience of a trusted company will ensure any potential pitfalls are avoided and that financial risk associated with buying a personalised registration number is appropriately mitigated..

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