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A Dateless Car Registration for Your Vehicle

A dateless car registration is the original format for a uk car number plate and can be assigned to any year of vehicle which is why they are referred to as a dateless registration. The first marks issued to vehicles were of a dateless format comprising one letter and one number with the letter preceding the number.

Registration identifiers have been assigned to all road going motorised vehicles since the 1st January 1904.The Motor Car Act of 1903 required all vehicles to be registered with local authorities and for all vehicles to clearly display number plates of a regulation size.

Examples of super expensive registration numbers of this type are: A1, F1, D1, S1, X1 and 25 O all of which have sold at values in excess of 400,000

A Suffix Registration for Your Vehicle

A suffix car registration format was first issued in 1960 as an extension to the dateless series. The addition of a year identifier at the end of the string of letters and numbers saw the first issue of number plates that were of a dated format. The format is very popular and there are many name plates that utilise the combination of letters and numbers available as a sequence.

The suffix formats continued until 1982 and these formats are available today for assignment to vehicles that post date the year of issue for the suffix registration. It's fair to say that the vast majority of vehicles today meet the criteria for the assignment of a suffix registration. The rule for assignment is relevant in this instance in that you cannot make a vehicle appear younger than it is through the assignment of a personalised registration.

A Prefix Registration for Your Vehicle

A prefix registration format was first issued in 1983 and the basis for the format was for the year indicator to be a letter at the start of the sequence of numbers and letters. The combination of letters and numbers are probably the most popular amongst the general public as they represent excellent value and are deemed within the industry to be a sound investment.

Names and phrases created within the prefix formats have been popular and one of the most expensive numbers auctioned in recent years was a distinctive prefix registration; K1 NGS sold in 1993 to an Arab Sultan at a price of 231,000 Further to this example of a distictive prefix registration there have been other sales that have reached similar values with S1 NGH and D1 XON being further examples

A New Style Number for Your Vehicle

New Style Registrations or current style registrations as they are sometimes known were introduced during 2001 in response to the prefix numbers running out of number and letter combinations. The new style formats are becoming popular as available combinations of prefix registrations reduce.

The combination of letters and numbers can produce some extremely desirable number plates with some distinctive variations. Examples of distinctive new style registrations are RU55 ELS and EN61 AND.

An Irish Registration Plate for Your Vehicle

The system for registrations in Northern Ireland is very different from that of the UK mainland in that the combination of letters available includes the letters Z and I. The significance of these letters being included becomes apparent when creating name plates at affordable prices.

Irish registration plates have in recent years experienced a rapid increase in popularity and although transfers can take slightly longer the wait is more than offset by the affordability provided by these dateless numbers.

There are some high profile irish car registration plates that have reached extremely high values with notable examples being: VIP 1, BIG 1, and OIL 1.

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