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Personalised Numbers

Exclusive Registration Numbers

We have been supplying and assigning distinctive and exclusive personalised numbers to vehicles since 2002.

We have supplied car registrations in excess of 100k in value and we are often able to supply high value cherished number plates at lower prices than our competitors because we operate at lower commission rates.

We handle the sale and the subsequent assignment of high value personalised number plates affording financial protection to both buyers and sellers so that our customers can be confident throughout the transactional and transfer processes.

If you are genuinely looking to secure a high value personalised registration then we recommend you talk to us about your requirements and we can advise you on the most secure and cost effective way of achieving your goal without undue concern and worry.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question - What is a Cherished Number?

Answer - Cherished number is a term used to identify registration marks that are high value dateless number plates issued to vehicles before 1963 when the first generation of registration marks with year identifiers were issued to vehicles at first registration.

Exclusive cherished numbers are seen as a secure investment as trends in their value continue to increase despite economic uncertainty.

Question - How do I know the value of a Personalised Number?

Answer - The safest and most reliable way to assess the value of your personalised number plate is to request a valuation from a trusted company with a track record in valuing cherished number plates. We have been valuing personalised numbers since 2002 and we have valued exclusive numbers well in excess of 300k in value.

Question - How can I sell my Cherished Number Plate?

Answer - You can choose to sell your personalised number yourself by advertising it on marketing platforms such as e-bay but this is fraught with risk, particulalry as there have been cases where owners have lost entitlement to their registration without receiving payment. Since DVLA assignment process changes were implemented in 2015 it is possible for fraudsters to assign a registration to a vehicle without the owner's consent with certain information that you may unwittingly make available to them.

It is for this reason that we would always recommend using a trusted company with full knowledge of how to ensure your entitlement is protected throughout the transactional and transfer process.

Question - How long does it take to Transfer a Registration Plate to a Vehicle?

Answer - Since the DVLA streamlined their transfer processes the transfer timescales have been significantly reduced although this is subject to certain criteria being met for the recipeint vehicle. As an example delays can result from there being a break in the road tax for the recipient vehicle. As a trusted company with experience and knowledge of the transfer process we can achieve the best results for our clients whether the transfer is vehicle to vehicle, certificate to vehicle, or if the transfer involves multiple vehicle transfers.

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