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Selling Number Plates

Number Plate Selling Service

Our number plate valuation service is available for existing owners of personalised number plates. The Premier Plates UK valuation service is primarily provided for the purposes of assessing the value of a cherished number plate prior to selling it. The service can also be provided merely for asset valuation purposes and in which case a charge applies.

For owners of private number plates that require our services in selling their registration we provide our unpaid valuation service.

For owners of private number plates that do not require our services in selling their registration there is a paid valuation service available for which there is a charge of 25.00 (plus VAT). Our paid valuation service provides you with a unique certificate of valuation and this can be used as proof of value.

In making our valuation we will use our extensive knowledge and experience of the cherished registrations market and in doing so we will also make an assessment of the intrinsic value of your registration mark. We will as part of the valuation process take into consideration market conditions and our aim will always be to provide an accurate market value valid for a period of 12 months.

In submitting your request for our selling service please be clear whether you require the valuation for the purposes of selling your registration mark or whether it is for valuation purposes only.

The selling service we provide is a fast and efficient service with a dedicated resource providing valuations in a timely manner. Enquiries for this service can only be made via our website.

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I want to sell my registration immediately and require the valuation for selling purposes only.
I require a valuation only and agree to pay 30.00 (incl VAT) on submission of this form.
The current status for the registration mark is:
The registration is on a vehicle.
The registration is held on a retention certificate (V778).
The registration mark is held on a certificate of entitlement (V750).
I have read and accept '' terms and conditions.
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