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Dateless Registrations

Cheap number plates of a dateless format are the original uk car registrations issued to vehicles - they can be assigned to any age of vehicle - hence the term 'dateless registrations'. The first registrations issued to vehicles were of a format where one letter was followed by a single number.

Registration numbers have been assigned to road going motorised vehicles since January 1904. The Motor Car Act of 1903 was implemented by local authorities with the aim of ensuring all vehicles displayed number plates of a regulation size.

The cheapest number plates can be either irish or obscure english dateless formats with irish numbers generally being cheaper as a result of them being issued to vehicles in Northern Irelend at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Prefix Registrations

Prefix Number Plates were first issued in 1983 and the format was based on the year indicator being a letter at the start of the registration. The combination of letters and numbers are popular amongst the general public and they represent a sound investment for the future

Prefix numbers are attractive because they allow you to personalise your vehicle at a minimum cost with many available as un-issued registrations. If you are looking to replicate your initials and you want to personalise your car then these numbers offer great value.

New Style Registrations

Current style registrations as they are sometimes known were introduced in 2001 as prefix style registration numbers were running out of number and letter combinations. These formats are becoming popular as available combinations of prefix registrations become scarce.

These cheap number plates are attractive as they also allow you to personalise your vehicle at a low cost although they cannot be assigned to a prefix registered vehicle

The most popular combinations are priced at the lower end of the market with first and surname initials being used for the first two letters and the remaining three letters being the first, middle, and surname initials of the owner.

Irish Number Plates

Cheap Irish Number Plates are available in abundance and represent great value for money for what are essentially dateless registrations. These cheap numbers can be assigned to any age of vehicle and they are popular as cover plates to hide the age of a vehicle.

The attraction of irish registration plates as an affordable personalised number plate is their suitability as name plates with letter combinations that offer shortened catchy names such as CAZ, MAZ, BIL, WIL, JAZ, and DAZ.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Question - Why are some number plates cheaper?

Answer - Cheap number plates tend to be un-issued registrations created by the DVLA, or irish registrations already issued to a vehicle in Northern Ireland at no cost to the owner of the vehicle. Additionally there are dateless registrations issued to vehicles prior to 1963 that have letter combinations that are unattractive and these are cheap even though they are dateless number plates.

Question - Why do people buy cheap number plates?

Answer - There are a number of reasons why people buy low cost number plates but the most common factor will be their budget. Personalised number plates aren't an essential and they are quite often purchased as a gift. The DVLA have made personalised registrations more affordable and un-issued registrations have allowed lower cost options to be available to members of the public. Affordable dateless number plates are often used to disgiuse the age of a vehicle and this can be either in the form of obscure english reg plates or irish reg plates.

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