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Irish Number Plates

Premier Plates UK supply a wide range of private number plates including irish number plates and because we deal directly with owners in Northern Ireland we are able to price these registrations competitevely. Irish number plates have no year identifier and are dateless registrations with the use of the letters I and Z being a main feature of the registration format.

Registrations issued to vehicles in Northern Ireland are issued in the same way that DVLA issue registrations to vehicles on the UK mainland. However the numbers are attractive and have intrinsic value which allows vehicle owners to sell their irish registrations directly from their vehicles at no cost. A feature of the irish system is that another registration will subsequently be issued to the vehicle once the first number has been transferred from the vehicle to another vehicle.

On the UK mainland subsequent registration numbers are non-transferrable but this is not the case with irish numbers as subsequent registrations are transferrable. It is because of the free issue of irish number plates to vehicles in Northern Ireland that prices are generally low and represent excellent value.

You can search for your ideal irish registration and select the most desireble format for your name with options such as BAZ CAZ JAZ KAZ MAZ TAZ HIL JIL MIL BIL.

Irish Number Plate Selection
1895 IA 3,205 Enquire Buy Now Finance
2548 IA 3,120 Enquire Buy Now Finance
2735 IA 3,105 Enquire Buy Now Finance
4109 IA 2,065 Enquire Buy Now Finance
4358 IA 2,065 Enquire Buy Now Finance
5910 IA 2,074 Enquire Buy Now Finance
6607 IA 1,970 Enquire Buy Now Finance
7039 IA 2,025 Enquire Buy Now Finance

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