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DVLA Auction Results

The DVLA Online Auction held in January 2022 provided some encouragement that affordable numbers can still be purchased at these auctions. There were an increased number of unsold registration numbers at this auction and prices across the range of the available numbers were reasonable. Top prices being paid for obscure dateless registration formats continued with cash prices in excess of £25k paid for 8 XV and £30k paid for 6 XN. The ‘O’ factor also continues as a theme with £89k paid for 75 O. Second place in the Top 10 plates by value was taken by a PAKISTAN name related plate in the shape of PAK 157N. Two of the top 10 places were again occupied by Number 1 cherished numbers. The interest in No 1 plates continues even for letter combinations that have a low popularity in the population. Cash prices exceeded £25k for 1 RUT and reached £45k for 1 OSM respectively. Someone also wanted to keep their options open with OP71 ONS attracting a cash price of £39k.

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