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Isle of Man VRN’s

The Isle of Man has a Cherished Number Plate scheme with formats as shown. The scheme is very similar to the UK scheme with formats for prefix, suffix, and dateless registrations. However, due to the Isle of Man having a limited range of letter combinations available comprising; MN, MAN and MANX it isn’t possible to personalise a registration to a name or someone’s initials. The different formats are priced with fixed pricing starting at £100 for suffix style formats. The more exclusive numbers reach costs of £100,000 with MANX 1 as an example of this. Interestingly the prices reflect the higher values associated with letter first combinations seen in the UK cherished number plate market. As an example of this the fixed price for 1 MANX is 50% lower than the price for MANX 1. This price differential for letter first combinations is more pronounced than the equivalent market differential seen in the UK market. Significant numbers are recognised with 911 and the number 1 influencing the prices.

The table below provides details of the fixed pricing currently in place for exclusive plates.


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