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Devilish Auction Results

The recent DVLA Auction in December created some surprise results, not least of which was the level of interest in being a DEVIL. The price paid for DEV 1L reached the dizzy heights of £240,010 hammer price. Add 20% VAT and 7.5% Buyers Premium to reach a cash value of £306,013 for the privilege of being a little DEVIL. In second spot was a 3 by 2 combination in the form of 456 JR with a price reached of £47,188 in cash terms. A format such as this would normally be offered for around £12,000 in the cherished numbers market.

Bitcoin enthusiasm continued with a whopping £44,638 paid for BTC 80Y. In fourth spot was 115 LAM with this being an Islam related plate. Single letter combinations always demand good money and 841 G continued this theme of big money being spent on single letter cherished numbers with a cash sum of £38,250 reached. A two number and single letter combination would typically be marketed at around £50,000 in the open market, so the price paid looks a little lofty in our opinion.

In fifth spot was a RUSSELL name related plate in the form of RU22 ELL, and a cash sum of £35,203 was paid for the privilege of owning the number. At an auction held in 2006 a cash sum of £79,050 was paid for RU55 ELL as a comparison.

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