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DVLA Auction Results

The Timed DVLA Auction held in October 2021 added to the fuel of interest in Number 1 Plates with, yet again, four of the Top 10 positions filled by dateless number 1’s. This is further evidence of the value these prestigious plates hold in the eyes of the public and the industry as a whole. The DVLA Auction process clearly works when there are multiple bidders determined to secure the plate of their dreams. The hammer price of £160,000 achieved for LSK 1  equates to a cash value of £200,000 and the hammer price of £80,010 for 1 NHS equates to a cash value of £100,000 with these prices reaching levels not seen before for three digit dateless number 1 plates. 3 CEO reached a healthy price, suitable for the CEO of a company although it isn’t the number 1 CEO which was auctioned on e-bay several years ago and is on the market at a price slightly in excess of £300,000. The registration mark 99 O looks good value at a hammer price of £80,470 and 7 XP continues the trend of interest in 2 by 1 dateless numbers with random and ‘anonymous’ letters.

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