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Exclusive 22 Series Numbers

Premier Plates UK have recently added exclusive 22 series registration plates to its collection of prestigious name plates. These are High Impact Name Plates that can be assigned to a vehicle first registered on or after the 1st March 2022. If you are looking to personalise your vehicle with your name than you have an opportunity to purchase one of these exclusive numbers.

If your name is MARVYN, then you need to take a look at our 22 series number plate MA22 VYN. If your name is FERNE then we have a fantastic opportunity for you to personalise your vehicle with FE22 NES. If your name is MORAG then you now have the opportunity to own the most exclusive MORAG name plate available in the market with MO22 AGS offering exceptional value for a plate of unquestionable quality. Our 22 series personalised number plates offer GREG a unique number plate with GR22 EGS representing outstanding value. If your surname is WARKUP then you might want to seriously consider having WA22 KUP assigned to your new vehicle in 2022. We also have a surname plate of the highest quality for Mr or Mrs GARRETY with an exact surname match with registration plate GA22 ETY. We also have something for Mr or Mrs HARRUP and Mr or Mrs HARRAP with HA22 UPS and HA22 APS respectively adding that exclusive surname look to your vehicle. For Mr or Mrs HURREN we have thought about your desire to own an exclusive surname registration and we can offer you exclusivity in the shape of the number plate HU22 ENS. We also have an exact surname match for Mr or Mrs MARRAT with our exclusive and distinctive number MA22 ATT. Further additions to our exclusive name range of registrations include LA22 ADS and LA22 ARD for Mr or Mrs LARRAD and Mr and Mrs LARRARD respectively. Additional 22 series number plates are available on our website if you are thinking of buying an exclusive personalised plate that captures your name.

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