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Exclusive Number Plates

Auctioned Number Plates

A recent auction held in September 2020 saw high prices for exclusive cherished numbers maintained despite the backdrop of economic uncertainty. The 3 cherished numbers auctioned during the recent Goodwood Festival were distinctive numbers with clear identities and associations with big brands. RR 3 with Rolls Royce, LFC 1 with Liverpool Football Club, and J 4 with Jersey. You may be questioning why J 4 has an association with Jersey as it isn’t obvious. J 4 is a Jersey issue registration and it can only be assigned to a vehicle registered in Jersey.

The prices achieved for these 3 exclusive cherished number plates at auction are a clear indicator that there is a willingness to invest in high end cherished numbers where there is confidence that market values will increase despite economic uncertainty. We support this view and continue to invest in high value numbers for the same reason. If you are looking for an exclusive number plate then you need look no further.

If you need further evidence of expensive cherished number plates and the prices they can demand we have put together a sample of the most expensive UK cherished numbers with their prices:

    1. 25 O   £518k
    2. X 1     £502k
    3. G 1     £500k
    4. F 1      £460k
    5. RR 1   £417k
    6.  S 1     £404k
    7.  1 D    £352k
    8.  1 S     £340k
    9.  GB 1  £325k
    10.  D 2    £300k

These are the most expensive cherished number plates sold in the UK during the last ten years and their values are significantly higher today than they were at the time they were auctioned.

As an example of the increasing value of these exclusive numbers we would highlight the current market value of F 1, a number plate clearly associated with Formula 1 racing, which is now valued in excess of £10 million.

These numbers are sought by investors that recognise their potential future value whilst also allowing them the opportunity to own part of UK motoring history.

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