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Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Classic Car Resale

Jul / 06 / 2015

So, you are planning to buy a car. And you want to go for something that’s going to provide you with a good investment. So, what type of car are you planning to buy? If you are really looking for investment and something more beyond transport and luxury, then there is an ideal option available to you. Why don’t you opt for a classic antique car? If you don’t have a constraint with your budget, then you can afford to invest in such a car….

How to Increase the Durability of Your Car Tyres

Jul / 01 / 2015

Have you ever thought what the most important part of your car is? The engine? The steering wheel? The car body? Yes, almost all of these are important. But when it comes to safety, the wheels have a major role to play. In fact, your vehicle remains connected to the ground through the wheels and the tyres only. So, you need to ensure that they are in pristine condition – always. Otherwise you may end up being involved in an accident. You need to take…

Top 5 Weirdest Cars of All Time!!!

Jun / 25 / 2015

Car design is something that most people enjoy – especially car lovers. This interest in car design has never changed. And it is likely to continue. Over the years, some amazing cars have been designed. These cars not only afford luxury but also encompass new style and character. Performance and speed can also be boasted as part of car design. However, not all cars that are manufactured are always great to look at. The comfort quotient might continue to be there, but the vehicle has…

Tweel – Airless Tyres Taking the Auto Industry by Storm

Jun / 22 / 2015

With every passing day, the number of vehicles on the roads are increasing at a fast pace. This has not been observed in a specific location. In fact, it is common across the globe with an increasing appetite for mobility. It’s really concerning to see that even well designed vehicles or those personalised with private number plates are involved in accidents in increasing numbers. Did you know? As many as 1.3 million people are killed in road accidents every year. And in many cases, it’s…

Be Extra Careful While Driving These Cars!

Jun / 10 / 2015

Every day, millions of cars hit the road. Thousands of car accidents happen on a daily basis. And in many instances the accidents turn out to be fatal. Researchers have revealed that there are a few cars, which tend to get involved in more in accidents than their counterparts. And in many cases, the accidents cause the death of their drivers. So, it is essential to have knowledge of these cars so that you do not end up being a victim when driving one of…

Buying a Private Number Plate? Here’s the Do’s and the Don’ts!

Jun / 09 / 2015

When you are planning to purchase a new number plate for your car you need to be aware of a few things. It is always advisable that you follow a few steps to ensure you don’t lose out or fall foul of the regulations. We have a list of the do-s and the don’t-s that you need to follow to get the best private number plates at the most reasonable prices. Set a Budget before You Buy It is important to have a budget for…

A Look at the Issue of Liability in Autonomous Cars

Jun / 04 / 2015

The world of the car has been moving forward at a fast pace. Think of a time when only fuel-run cars used to rule the road . But the roads are not the same any more.  These days, you can find different types of vehicles on the road. And it includes autonomous cars. What are Autonomous Cars? It might sound quite strange, but autonomous cars are those vehicles, which run on their own. There is no provision for a driver to navigate the car. A…

Buying Classic Cars – Understand the Cons before Buying!

Jun / 02 / 2015

Classic cars are a hobby for a lot of people. Even those people who do not purchase classic cars find classic cars amazing. If you are a car lover, you are surely in awe of the array of wonderful classic cars available. Before you purchase a classic car, it is important to be completely sure that the car is a classic in all senses of the term. Only then will you ensure that you understand how to get a good return for the money you…

Five Easy Steps to Make Your Car Last Longer

May / 20 / 2015

Do you own a car? If yes, then you must ensure you look after it. Many people love their car but they don’t always take care of their car as they should. By not looking after a car you shorten the life of the car which will lose you money in the long run. It is essential that you take care of your car on a regular basis to ensure that the vehicle performs safely and efficiently for the life of the vehicle. But what…

Electric and Hybrid Cars in 2015

May / 11 / 2015

The world of the automobile is always on the move. It’s ever evolving. And the results of this are clearly visible in the number of new cars that are introduced every year. These cars vary in terms of their capabilities and moreover, in their appearance. In fact it is the way a car looks that motivates a lot of people to buy a particular model. That’s why not all cars are able to make it big in the market despite the attempts of the manufacturer…