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Top Ways to Personalise Your New Car with Number Plates



Buying a new car? Surely a great news for you and your family! But don’t you think an ordinary car will be lost in the fleet of thousands when it hits the road? This is, in fact, a problem that almost every car owner faces. More so, because almost all of them want their cars to stand apart even when there are lines of cars running on the road.

So, how can you make your car unique?

There might be quite a few ways to do this. You can even give your car a makeover. But most of these are quite expensive to say the least.

You might be asking yourself a relevant question: “Is there a way I can make my car stand apart in a fleet, but at a low cost?”

Yes, there surely is. And it’s quite easy as well.

You can use private number plates for this purpose. And that’s one of the cheapest, yet best ways to personalise your car.

How can a private number plate help you?

Here’s a quick look.

Your Own Name on Your Car’s Number Plate

The Bard might have said, “What’s in a name”, but that’s not true when it comes to personalizing your car. Because it’s your name with which you are known to everyone. What if your car also has your name imprinted on it? Getting it on the car might not be the right idea. But you can always get a private number plate that bears your name.

But when you do that, make sure it’s a combination of both, numbers and alphabets.  Turn a few alphabets to numbers. For example, you can change the ‘A’ in your name to ‘4’ or an ‘E’ to ‘3’, although it appears inverted. At times, even half of your name on the number plate can look amazing on the number plate at times. Using the name can be the perfect way to personalise your car’s number plate and people will continue staring at it as the vehicle hits the road.

Get an Important Date on the Number Plate

When is your birthday? Or anniversary? These are surely among the most important days of your life. Why not get then etched on the vehicle that you drive? Rather, on its number plate? It can be really a great idea.

It is never difficult to get a specific date as the subject of the personalised number plate of your car. That’s because in a date, you already have both – the alphabets and the numbers. So, all you need to do is just get a number plate that shows the specific date registered from the DVLA and get it attached to your car. You can even add the phrases like ‘DOB’ or ‘ANV’ for date of birth and anniversary, respectively. This can be a perfect way to remember the events of the day and keep it fresh in your memory.

What’s Your Hobby or Profession?

Have some specific hobby?

You can let the world know about it.

And for that you don’t need to shout out loud. All you need to do for that is get a car number plate that says about the hobby that you have. For example, if you love to play chess, you can get it etched on the number plate as ‘CH355’ and so on. This is regarded as one of the best ways of personalizing your car with the number plate. You can even have your profession etched there. If you are a doctor, you can have the alphabets arranged as DOC to reveal the work that you do.

If you are looking to personalise your car and make it your own, using number plates can be really an amazing way. It offers you a lot of options. You will be spoilt for choice. And yet, all of these can be done at a cost that’s not exceedingly high as well. But for that, you should immediately decide the type of personal number plate that you want and get it registered from the authorizing body. Once you have that on your car, it is sure to look amazing and stand out among the fleet as something that belongs specifically to you.

Buying a Private Number Plate? Here’s the Do’s and the Don’ts!



When you are planning to purchase a new number plate for your car you need to be aware of a few things. It is always advisable that you follow a few steps to ensure you don’t lose out or fall foul of the regulations. We have a list of the do-s and the don’t-s that you need to follow to get the best private number plates at the most reasonable prices.

Set a Budget before You Buy

It is important to have a budget for the number plate that you are planning to purchase. Personalised number plates are available at a wide range of prices. It is important to find the right kind of plate within a price range that you can afford. This will prevent you from purchasing a number plate, which is too expensive and beyond your reach, whilst ensuring you maximise your satisfaction from your purchase.

Have a Clear Idea of the Style You Want to Purchase

Wondering what should be type of number plate that you should go for?

There are different types of styles for car number plates. These include:

  • Prefix style car number plates
  • Suffix style car number plates
  • Current style car number plates
  • Dateless style car number plates

It is important to choose the right style of number plate for your car whilst remembering that the age of your vehicle may limit your choice.

When purchasing the number plate it needs to be registered in your name. . So, it is essential that you have all vehicle documents to hand when making your purchase.

Be Flexible

You might have set a budget for purchasing a personalised number plate. But when you enquire with a registration broker you may find that the number plate that you finally like comes at an increased cost, which slightly surpasses your budget. However, it is still affordable to you.

If you remain inflexible and focus entirely on your budget you are likely to lose the opportunity to purchase your ideal number plate as they tend to increase in price with time.

Don’t Forget the Agency Fee

When you are purchasing a private number plate, you will need to make a payment to the authorising body which in the UK is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The DOT fee associated with the transfer of a personalised registration to your vehicle is £80 and this needs to be borne in mind when establishing the cost of purchasing a number plate.

Use Recognised Brokers

Always buy a private number plate from a DVLA recognised broker so that you have the confidence that the process will be managed in accordance with the Cherished Numbers Transfer Rules. Reputable brokers with over 10 years market experience are a good starting point as there are a large number of inexperienced companies in the market place.

Personalised Number Plate as a Gift



Is the birthday of one of your closest friends approaching? Or wedding of a close relative? Are you worried because you just don’t know what you can provide as a gift for the occasion? There may be several options available to you. You need to research what will make an attractive gift and what will be a lasting gift for life.

So, what can you gift your friend?

You could consider personalised number plates as a gift for your friend. The attraction of a personalised number plate is that it is literally a cherished item which you can gift to someone for life.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ideas that might be considered to create an amazing private number plate:

A Special Date

Every person on the planet has some special date – anniversaries, birthdays and more. So, are you aware of any such date in the life of the person? Remember, you have the choice to use both numbers and letters on the number plate. So, you can add the name of the month as well as the date of the month. A popular number will be the year of birth of the person and this can be considered as well as the day and month.

Name on the Plate

It’s quite obvious that the name of the person would be worth considering although this is usually a shortened version of their name. Displaying a name on the car can be a great idea and this is very popular with men and women alike. Personalised number plates with names are also a good investment and it is always nice to know that their value will increase even if there will never be an intention to sell at any time in the future.

Gift for a Special Occasion

A Special occasion can be Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day or any such other day that is celebrated across the globe? Private number plates can be a great gift even for Valentine’s Day. A combination of letters and numbers can be used to create something that is unique and personal.

Cherished Number Plate as a Gift

Personalised number plates are available at affordable prices and that’s why a lot of people want to add them to their cars. In addition to the low cost DVLA number plates, there are also cherished number plates which tend to be expensive. If budget is not a constraint then you can search for a cherished number plate from a reputable broker such as Premier Plates UK who will ensure the transfer is managed without worry.


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