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Top 4 Smallest Cars in the World

Smallest Cars

Cars are designed to offer you travel in comfort and safety. They enable commuting to and from work whilst also allowing you to travel further afield. They should also provide you with comfort whilst you are on the go. To achieve high levels of comfort many of the cars are large in size. They have a multitude of accessories and gadgets. Unfortunately many of these vehicles are expensive due to their size and the technology they use.

So, what can a person with a small or medium budget do if he or she wants to buy a comfortable car?

He or she has a number of options. One of which is to opt for a small car. There are a number of models that are extremely small in size. And they come at a reasonable price as well. But they also provide you with the levels of comfort you desire. If you choose wisely then you will have funds available to personalise it with a personalised number plate which will have the added benefit of making your car stand out.

Here is a quick review of some of the smallest cars in the world.

Mahindra e2o


If you are speaking about small cars, there’s no way you can ignore electric vehicles. Among the most amazingly cute and tiny electric cars is the Mahindra e2o. Manufactured by Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited, this vehicle can be regarded as one of the most significant successors of REVAi or G-Wiz, which was one of the most coveted electric vehicles, which came in such a small size. Mahindra e2o has three doors, including a hatchback. It even offers an automatic transmission.

BMW Isetta

BMW Isetta

BMW is one of the major automobile manufacturing companies in the world. It has an amazing fleet of cars that includes extremely expensive vehicles to moderately expensive vehicles. The BMW Isetta stands out – not because of its price, but due to its small size. Also known as the Bubble Car due to its shape, this vehicle was manufactured vehemently during the 1950s and the 1960s. The popularity of the vehicle has remained over several decades. A large number of models of the BMW Isetta has been introduced in India. These small cars are among the most popular vehicles of recent times.


Peel Car

Just think of a car that’s small, comfortable and seats just two. And yet, when you look at it, you feel almost immediately that you must own it. That’s Peel for you. The car is just 54 inches in length and 41 inches in width – that’s really a minute one if you look at it from the perspective of ordinary vehicles. It’s also quite light, weighing less than 150 kgs. Hence, the car is quite eco-friendly as well. However, this car is not likely to be manufactured on a large scale. So, you can expect that only a few will be on the roads over time. It is regarded as the smallest of all the cars in the world. Peel was manufactured a few decades ago. However, an electric version is being made available.

Lumeneo Smera

Lumuneo Smera

When it comes to manufacturing electric cars, France seems to be one of the most popular destinations. The Lumeneo Smera, manufactured in France, is one of the most amazing small cars. It comes as an electric model and is amongst the most craved for vehicles when you consider the smallest cars in the world. It is a two-seater tilting car and offers the best possible experience when you are driving it.

Although they might look incredibly small, you can enjoy a number of benefits when owning a small car. They are very easy to park. In fact, you can park them in spaces where a motorcycle could be parked. In many instances you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Many of these small cars are almost as luxurious as their larger counterparts. Yet, they are known to be more eco-friendly. Moreover, many of them are also great to look at. If you want to make them more unique, you can add a private number plate and add that touch of personalisation.

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