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Be Extra Careful While Driving These Cars!

Jun / 10 / 2015

Every day, millions of cars hit the road. Thousands of car accidents happen as well. And in many cases it has been observed that the accidents turn out to be fatal. Researchers have revealed that there are a few cars, which tend to get involved in more in accidents than their counterparts. And in many cases, the accidents cause the death of the drivers. So, it is essential to have an idea of such cars from before so that you do not end up being too…

Buying a Private Number Plate? Here’s the Do’s and the Don’ts!

Jun / 09 / 2015

When you are planning to purchase a new number plate for your car you need to be aware of a few things. It is always advisable that you follow a few steps to ensure you don’t lose out or fall foul of the regulations. We have a list of the do-s and the don’t-s that you need to follow to get the best private number plates at the most reasonable prices. Set a Budget before You Buy It is important to have a budget for…

A Deeper Look at the Issue of Liability in Autonomous Cars

Jun / 04 / 2015

The world of the car has been moving forward at a fast pace. Think of a time when only fuel-run cars used to rule the road . But the roads are not the same any more.  These days, you can find different types of vehicles on the road. And it even includes autonomous cars. What are Autonomous Cars? It might sound quite weird, but autonomous cars are those vehicles, which run on their own. There is no provision for a driver to navigate the car….

Buying Classic Cars – Explore the Cons before Buying!

Jun / 02 / 2015

Classic cars are a hobby for a lot of people. Even those people who do not purchase classic cars find classic cars amazing. If you are a car lover, you are surely in awe of the array of wonderful classic cars available. Before you purchase a classic car, it is important to be completely sure that the car is a classic in all senses of the term. Only then will you ensure that you are going to get a good return for the money you…

Five Easy Steps to Make Your Car Last Longer

May / 20 / 2015

Do you own a car? If yes, then you must always look after it. Many people love their car but they don’t always take care of their car. By not looking after a car you shorten the life of the car which will cost you money in the long run. It is essential that you take care of your car on a regular basis to ensure that the vehicle performs safely and efficiently for a long time. But what are the best ways of caring…

Top Electric and Hybrid Cars in 2015

May / 11 / 2015

The world of the automobile is always on the move. It’s ever evolving. And the results of this are clearly visible in the number of new cars that are introduced every year. These cars vary in terms of their capabilities and moreover, in their appearance. In fact it is the way a car looks that motivates a lot of people to buy a particular model. That’s why not all cars are able to make it big in the market despite the attempts of the manufacturer…

Personalised Number Plate as a Gift

May / 06 / 2015

Is the birthday of one of your closest friends approaching? Or wedding of a close relative? Are you worried because you just don’t know what you can provide as a gift for the occasion? There may be several options available to you. You need to research what will make an attractive gift and what will be a lasting gift for life. So, what can you gift your friend? You could consider personalised number plates as a gift for your friend. The attraction of a personalised number…

Top 5 Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

May / 04 / 2015

With the car world moving ahead at a fast pace, it’s difficult to stick with a single vehicle for very long. The new vehicles that hit the road on a frequent basis are luring people away from their current car with new amazing features. It is fairly typical for people to want to replace their current car with a new one. When selling your current car you need to ensure you realise the true value of your vehicle. Here’s a quick look at the things…

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Personalised Number Plate

Apr / 24 / 2015

Owning an exclusive car is an aspiration for a lot of people and many of these people also have an aspiration to make their vehicle unique by the addition of an exclusive personalised number plate. Wanting to go for something really unique: Adding a personalised number plate will certainly make your vehicle unique. When considering a personalised number plate for your vehicle you need to ensure you purchase the right number for your vehicle.  When you are planning to purchase a private number plate from…

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Car

Apr / 23 / 2015

Planning to purchase a car? Owning a car is a dream come true for a lot of people. When you are purchasing a car you need to ensure you tread carefully. The first thing that you need to do is select the car that you like taking into account a number of factors. Once you have established the make and model of car and whether you are going to buy a new or used vehicle you will need to consider the following: Budget is Important…

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Premier Plates are a DVLA approved reseller of DVLA number plates and we are a registered supplier of acrylic and classic number plates for cars and motorcycles. We buy personalised registrations from auctions and from members of the public. We are brokers of dvla registrations for members of the public and we provide our marketing service for owners of high value and low value private number plates. We have custom search facilities on our website which allows our customers to search quickly for their ideal number plate. If you are looking for a dateless or a modern style of registration then you will be able to find it and enquire or buy securely online. We also have a sales team available to deal with your enquiry or alternatively to take an order over the phone should you feel nervous about ordering online. Before choosing your ideal plate you need to check on the age of your vehicle and the year qualifier for the new plate in order to make sure it is a transferable number to your vehicle. In purchasing your ideal plate you will need to ensure the vehicle displays the registration in accordance with DVLA regulations and it is recommended that you buy your number plates from us as part of your order.