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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Car



Planning to purchase a car? Owning a car is a dream come true for a lot of people. When you are purchasing a car you need to ensure you tread carefully. The first thing that you need to do is select the car that you like taking into account a number of factors. Once you have established the make and model of car and whether you are going to buy a new or used vehicle you will need to consider the following:

Budget is Important

You need to establish a budget for your car of choice. This is probably the most important factor in the process of buying. You can research the prices of a vehicle based on its age and mileage and establish the sort of vehicle you can consider with your budget having already been set by your financial position.


If you are looking to purchase your vehicle on finance then you need to ensure the finance is affordable and that interest payments are not excessive. There are a number of finance options available in the market place with Hire Purchase Agreements, Lease Agreements, Bank Loans proving to be the most popular. Don’t consider purchasing a vehicle with a credit card over an extended period of time as the interest charges will be extremely high in comparison to conventional finance arrangements.


Are the car dealers offering discounts?  Before you buy a car look at all discounts available. You may find a manufacturer offering a cash-back or some similar incentive to purchase. These up front savings may however be factored into the amount that you are paying over the term of a loan. The deals available may suit your circumstances if you don’t have funds readily available at the time of purchase but will have the funds to pay the finance over time.

Decide between Used and New Cars

Are you looking for a new car or a used car? It is an extremely important decision that you need to make. A lot of people prefer to buy a used car to start with. Obviously used cars are less expensive than their new counterparts as they have depreciated and so they are more affordable. There are several things you need to check if you are planning to buy a new or a used car not least of which will be the finance options available against a new or used vehicle.

What Fuel You Want for Your Car?

You have a number of options when choosing the fuel on which your car should run. You need to decide between these four options:

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Electric/Hybrid

Buying an economical and reliable car is sort of essential these days unless you have unlimited funds available to you. The running costs and the reliability of the different types of fuelling systems are worth thinking about before selecting your car.

Technologies That Are Making Cars Safer

Tire Pressure Monitoring System


The world of technology is moving forward at a pace. Technology is impacting all aspects of life like never before and cars are not excluded. The use of technology is enhancing the experience we gain from our cars like never before. It is making the experience of driving a car increasingly rewarding. Cars are becoming more and more comfortable. Moreover new technologies are also helping to make them safer than ever before. There are several safety features for cars that are currently in development.

Here’s a quick look at some of the technologies that are making cars safer:

Pedestrian Protection System

When you are driving a car, it is important for you to remain safe yourself. And it is no less important to ensure that the people who are travelling on the road are not affected by the way you drive the car. Safe driving is a must in order to avoid having an accident but you can now also install a pedestrian protection system to improve the process of driving safely.

Within a short time, pedestrian protection systems are likely to become one of the most common safety features in cars. It will warn you when a person comes in front of your car or when a vehicle is too close. If the system detects that there is a person or vehicle  in front, within a specified distance, then the system applies the brakes in order to avoid a collision.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyres are arguably the most important part of the car when it comes to safety. It is important to keep the tyres in good condition. Tyres need to be in good shape to avoid a loss of control during braking or when travelling at speed. Tyre pressure is important as it will control the rate at which your tyres wear and it will ensure your tyres are not going to overheat.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are becoming increasingly common in cars. They will let the drivers know if individual tyres are under inflated whilst inflating tyres as and when needed.

Talking Cars

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know from your car where other vehicles are on the road? It would help you avoid vehicles before they present a risk to you. Talking cars are likely to become a reality very soon.  However, this does not mean that the cars will be talking to one another. Instead, they will send signals, which will help them communicate with one another. The moment your vehicle gets a signal from another car it will let you know not to advance in a particular direction.

Sleepy Driver Alarm

These days, most people are overworked.  A significant number of car accidents occur because drivers are tired. In response to this safety concern a number of car manufacturers are introducing an alarm system to alert drivers that are suffering from tiredness. The system learns from the movement and responses of the vehicle when the driver is suffering from tiredness and alarms the driver accordingly.


Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Sold at Auctions



Owning a classic car is the dream of millions of people around the world. But not all of them can afford a classic car. In fact classic cars are extremely high priced. Over the years, a number of cars have been sold which have amazed people with the prices they have achieved at auction.

The price of a car at an auction can be determined by a number of factors:

  • The rarity of the vehicle
  • Model of the car
  • Whether it is still manufactured or not
  • Special features of the vehicle
  • Competition for the vehicle

It has been observed that usually sports cars achieve the highest prices at auctions.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most expensive cars sold at auctions. Ferrari seems to rule the roost when it comes to manufacturing the most sought after cars sold at public auctions.

A 1963 GTO

The most expensive car was privately sold. In 2013, a GTO built in 1963 was sold for a whopping US$52 million. This holds the record to date for the most expensive exchange of money for a car. This vehicle is a product of the Pontiac division of General Motors and was built from 1964 to 1974. The GTO in the name of the car stands for ‘Omologate’. It signifies that the car also has a few features, which make it akin to the sports cars.

Two Ferrari GTOs of 1960s Sold for Whopping Prices

Most of the extreme car sales occurred in recent years. And most of them involved GTOs. A 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO was sold for US$32 million in February 2012. However, the record was soon exceeded for a Ferrari GTO. A few months later, another GTO, this one built in 1962, was sold for US$35 million. These were among the most expensive second hand car sales of all time.

Mercedes-Benz W196

A Mercedes-Benz W196 was auctioned by Bonhams on July 12, 2013. This is a major racing model that was manufactured for the 1954 and 1955 F1 seasons. This model was one of the last racing cars manufactured by Mercedes, before they opted out of competing in F1 (until recent years). In the auction by Bonhams, the model was sold for $29,975,742.

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

In 2011, a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa model of 1957 exchanged hands at $17,182,830 in an auction held by Gooding and Company. This model is one of the most successful line ever built by Ferrari. It is a sports car, which has experienced immense popularity among Ferrari lovers.  The price achieved bears testament to the popularity of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa as a classic car.

Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider

In 2008, a 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider was sold for $11,933,873. It is one of the earliest sports cars built by the company and has remained a popular vehicle among classic car enthusiasts for a long time. This Ferrari was sold in an auction held by the auction house RM Auctions.

Some of the most amazing cars ever manufactured are usually sold by auction. This is expected to continue and new records are likely to be set as some of the rarest classic cars are set to change ownership through high profile public auctions.

Auto World to Move Ahead in Great Strides with Apple Car


The world of cars is fast advancing and new vehicles are being introduced at a vast rate. The boundaries of the car market are being changed. One of the most striking changes to the car market is the application of new intelligence technologies and software. New technology applied to road vehicles is on the horizon with Apple Inc., expected to introduce its smart car. While many might view Project Titan, Apple Inc’s effort of manufacturing a smart car, as a monumental distraction from the Company’s core expertise, most of the officials at Apple feel justified in pursuing this venture.

What to Expect from Apple’s New Car?

Apple has long been known for the hi-tech appliances it has developed for its users. So, if Apple comes up with a new car, what can be expected from it? Is it going to be as amazing as other developments in design made by the Company?

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Apple’s car, which is likely to be a product of their Project Titan.

A Competition with Tesla with Electric Car

Apple Inc. is all set to compete with Tesla with its new product, the smart car. In fact, it is all set to “give Tesla a run for its money”. This is because, in line with the green trends being seen in the auto industry, the vehicle is an electric car. This also highlights Apple’s growing interest in renewable energy, which has driven the company to build an $850 million solar plant in California. So, the Apple Car is also likely to add a new dimension to the already amazing world of electric cars.

A Completely New Design

The apple car is yet to hit the road. But the prototype has already revealed the expected design of the car. American cars do not generally meet with the requirements of excellent design. In fact, they are lacking in design excellence. According to Business Insider, this is also the way Apple’s Design Chief Jonny Ive views American car design . He had previously been involved with Ford in creating a concept car.

Following the Feats of Its Other Products

Like most of its other appliances, Apple Inc.’s car is also set to touch new standards. Far from a simple car, it is likely to be loaded with computers and advanced software. It will have wireless connectivity, which is likely to make it safer than most of the other vehicles. The car is expected to have artificial intelligence. Moreover, Apple’s smart car is expected to be controlled prudently by this intelligence, which is going to play a major role in avoiding crashes. Besides, it will also respond to voice commands, thus making the process of controlling the car easier than ever before.

A Moving Computer with the Comforts of a Car

The car from Apple Inc, which is expected to hit the roads in the very near future, is likely to create new definition, blending concept cars and excellent consumer experience. In short, the car from Apple Inc is going to be almost like a mobile computer, with all the features of the computer in it and, at the same time, delivering the joy of driving and riding in utmost comfort.

The world of cars is fast, dynamic and constantly evolving.  It’s more focused on the world of connected cars these days. And keeping in mind Apple’s list of products that make it a giant in the effort to make the world a connected place, the company is sure to move forward in great strides as a pioneer in the manufacturing of connected cars.

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