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DVLA Registrations

DVLA registrations are often referred to within the industry as un-issued registrations and the term comes from the fact that these registration numbers have not previously been issued to a vehicle by DVLA Swansea.

These registration types fall into either the category of prefix numbers or new style numbers with the prefix numbers being pre 2001 registration numbers and the new style numbers being current style registrations issued for vehicles that post date 2001.

The prefix and new style registrations are extremely popular due to the value for money they provide with most of these being sold as initial plates or name plates.

We can assign these registrations to your vehicle within 4 days or alternatively we can issue these on a V750 certificate of entitlement for future assignment to your vehicle which allows a more convenient method of transfer if you have circumstances where you do not yet have the vehicle.

The transfer cost is currently 80.00 and this is referred to as the DOT fee - this being the charge levied by DVLA Swansea for the assignment of a dvla registration to your car or motorcycle.

In order for us to assign an un-issued DVLA registration to your vehicle we must know the name exactly as it appears on the V5C registration certificate for the vehicle and if there is a mis-match with the nominee name we add to the V750 certificate of entitlement then a delay in assignment will occur of between 2 and 3 weeks.

If you would like to purchase a DVLA registration then we have the professionals to assist you in first of all selecting your DVLA registration and secondly in assigning the number to your vehicle without complications or delay.

You can search for your ideal number plate from any page on our website although you can benefit from using our prefix and new style registration number search facilities on our home page for un-issued dvlc registrations.

We are an authorised DVLA reseller and you can buy from us knowing that your purchase is both safe and secure with the added assurance that you will receive a refund in the unlikely event that your new registration cannot be assigned to your vehicle.

As a registered reseller of dvla registration numbers and as a registered number plate supplier we can offer our clients the security of service expected from a market leader.

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