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Number Plates and the UK Regulations.
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Number Plates for Cars and Motorcycles in the UK

There are very stringent requirements that apply to the display of registration marks in the UK which have also been subject to change in recent years leading at times to confusion about the legal requirements for the display of registration marks.

Acrylic Number Plates have to conform to the BS AU 145d standard for materials as there are properties for strength, reflectivity and visibility that the number plates must exhibit in order to comply with the regulations.

The most popular material used to achieve the strength and visibility requirements for number plates is an acrylic material which has for some time now replaced the aluminium materials used on pre-1973 vehicles.

Number Plates have to conform dimensionally with the requirements for font size and spacing whilst also complying with number plate dimensional requirements specified by the regulations.

The legal formats available for UK number plates can be viewed via the Premier Plates virtual number plate designer. Our virtual number plate designer displays all legal formats for flags, fonts and borders.

The Euro GB and National Flags are all legal formats and these can be used for travel overseas without the need to add GB stickers to your vehicle.

Regulations have changed in recent times with regard to the use of National Flags and European legislation played a part in determining acceptable formats. Common sense prevailed eventually and national flags were legalised in the UK in 2009.

Our number plates conform to all UK legal requirements for both cars and motorcycles whilst we can also supply import plates for imported vehicles.

Classic Number Plates are for pre-1973 vehicles and these can be ribbed or plain pressed aluminium number plates with silver letters and a black gloss painted background. These number plates can only be displayed on vehicles first registered prior to 1973.

Our ability to supply pressed aluminium number plates on a fastrack supply basis wins us business from vintage car owners across the UK. We also supply the MOD and Morgan Cars with classic plates.

Cherished Number Plates for Vehicles in the UK

When we talk to members of the public we always make clear what our products and services are about and quite often we find ourselves explaining to our customers the differences in terminology used to define a cherished number plate and number plates.

There is quite often a need to make clear that number plates are the physical product we manufacture for displaying the registration mark on a vehicle whereas a cherished number plate is the registration mark to which entitlement is sought and ultimately purchased as part of a service.

Cherished Number Plate is the original term used to describe what is now quite often referred to as a private number plates or personalised number plates.

The assignment of a cherished number plate to a vehicle involves the transfer of entitlement for a unique mark which allows that mark to be displayed on a vehicle providing the process of transfer complies with the Cherished Transfer Regulations.

Where there is an issue in transferring Private Plates to vehicles it is quite often the case that the new registration is making the vehicle appear younger than it is which contravenes the Cherished Transfer Regulations. It is acceptable to make a vehicle appear older than it is by transferring a personalised number plate to a vehicle but not to make a vehicle appear younger than it is.

Because there are so many types of cherished number we are able to guide you in your selection should you have any confusion with regard to the type of registration and the age of your vehicle.

When buying a cherished number from us you will be provided with an option to design your acrylic number plates during the on-line purchase process and you can visualise the design using our virtual plate designer

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Our staff will co-ordinate the transfer of your personalised number plate with DVLA Swansea and provide updates on transer progress for your convenience and peace of mind. Our cherished number plates can be purchased securely on-line from our website or alternatively by telephone. Premier Plates UK sell cherished numbers owned by clients, government stock and our own stock. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 we must notify all our clients that our service begins immediately upon placement of your order and subsequently no cooling off period or refunds are given. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for detail relating to the purchase of a uk car registration. Premier Plates UK is in no way affiliated to the DVLA. We are a DVLA recognised reseller of personalised number plates and use of the term 'DVLA' is only for the purposes of describing the goods and services offered by Premier Plates UK. DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency

Premier Plates UK are a DVLA recognised reseller of DVLA registrations and we are a DVLA registered supplier of number plates for cars and motorcycles. We buy DVLA auction registrations and from members of the public. We are brokers of dvla registrations for members of the public and we provide our marketing service for owners of high value and low value chersihed number plates. We have custom search facilities on our website which allows our customers to search quickly for their ideal number plate. If you are looking for a dateless plate or a new style registration you will be able to find it and enquire or buy securely online. Before choosing your ideal plate you need to check on the age of your vehicle and the year qualifier for the new reg in order to make sure it is a transferable number to your vehicle. In purchasing your ideal private plate you will need to ensure the vehicle registration is displayed in accordance with DVLA regulations..