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Personal Number Plates
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Personal Number Plates make a Memorable Gift.

Personal Number Plates are an ideal gift for a member of your family or a friend and they make gifts that people remember forever.

The phrase cherished number evolves from the adjective 'cherished' which describes the fond affection shown to someone or to something. A personalised number plate fits with this description and it is for this reason that personalised registrations are referred to as cherished numbers.

It is fair to say that most people are filled with joy followed by a great feeling of lasting pride when they receive a cherished number plate as a gift - particularly when the number plates are proudly displayed on their vehicle.

Many people view cherished numbers as a mark of status but in the last 15 years their popularity has been built on their novelty and their affordability

It is worth noting that we can manage the assignment of a personalised registration and supply number plates to be gift wrapped and presented on the day of the occasion.

We can also issue the registration on a V750 certificate of entitlement with the aim of then completing the assignment process at the ideal time. This is an approach we adopt for surprise gifts where it may be difficult to secure the vehicle documents beforehand.

We have over 55 million personalised registrations available on our website and we recommend you spend time reading our web pages before making your choice. Please remember that we will handle all paperwork for the assignment of your chosen registration at no extra charge.

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