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Sorry, there are no registrations that match your query.

Note:  If you can't find what you are looking for then try a more generic search using only part of the registration you are looking for. Typically the letters of your name or your initials can be searched for by using just three consecutive letters that form part of the registration.

Example:  For the name ROBERT Search entries could be: ROB or ERT

When searching for your initials only enter your two or three letter initals and no other part of the registration - you can refine your search at the next stage by using the more searches button.

Note:  Another option is to use our prefix and our new style plate builders by clicking on the following links:   Prefix Plate Builder   |   New Style Plate Builder

Welcome to Premier Plates UK

Private Number Plates

We have over 65 million private plates available with prices starting from 49.00 with the largest range of styles available in the market place.

Our Fully Managed Transfer Service in combination with our Fast Track online transfer process makes us the preferred choice.

We are DVLA Recognised Resellers and we are DVLA Registered Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS 2368) for the supply of legally compliant number plates for cars and motorcycles.

We are Safe Buy UK and Shop Safe accredited for online retailing and PCI Merchant Compliant for the secure management of card payments.

We have a Money Back Guarantee Policy, there are No Hidden Charges and we provide Full Transparency on all charges before payments are processed through our secure payment system.

We provide a Free Gift Service where we time the transfer process to your specific requirements, keeping the gift as a surprise with no additional costs.

Our competitive pricing of private number plates combined with our high quality and friendly service has consistently brought repeat business from our satisfied customers.

Our database has more private number plates than the DVLA and we offer the lowest prices across the range of private number plates available on the market.

Personalised Number Plates available from Premier Plates UK represents 99.9% of all available personalised number plates..

A fast search of personalised number plates can be performed online with our secure ordering system providing an efficient purchasing process once you have identified your ideal private number plate.

We specialise in personalised number plates for premier marques including Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Aston Martin and BMW whilst also offering private plates for motorcycles.

We believe that our experience and expertise in brokering personalised number plates will benefit existing and new customers in choosing the right personalised registration for their budget.

Question - What are Unissued Registrations?

Answer - Unissued registrations are personalised number plates not yet issued to a vehicle. These private number plates are issued on a V750 certificate of entitlement in readiness for assignment to a vehicle providing that the registration does not make the vehicle appear younger than it is.

Question - What are Dateless Registrations?

Answer - Dateless number plates are registrations with a format that has no year identifying letter at the start or at the end of the sequence of letters and numbers. A year identifying letter is a single letter separated from all other letters and this letter is absent in a dateless number plate.

Question - What are Cover Plates?

Answer - Cover plates are dateless registrations that were issued to vehicles before 1963 generally of a 3 by 3 format with obscure letters that make them unattractive as a personalised plate but ideal for hiding the age of a vehicle.

Question - What are Suffix Registrations?

Answer - Suffiix number plates are registrations with a year identifier at the end of the string of letters and numbers. The year identifier is a letter, with ''A being the first letter used in 1963, and 'Y' being the last letter used in 1983.

Question - What are Prefix Registrations?

Answer - Prefix registrations were first issued to vehicles in 1983 with the year identifying letter at the start of the sequence of numbers and letters. Prefix registrations started the trend in affordable private plates.

Question - What are New Style Registrations?

Answer - New style registrations are also referred to as current style registrations because the format is currently in use when issuing a registration to a vehicle for the first time. The format is becoming increasingly popular as an affordable private plate with the reducing availability of prefix number plates.

Question - What are Irish Registrations?

Answer - Irish registrations are dateless number plates with a similar format to a cover plate and recognised by the lack of a year identifying letter and with letters 'I' and 'Z' commonly in use. Because they are of a dateless format they can be assigned to any age of vehicle.

Question - What are Personalised Plates?

Answer - Personalised Number Plate is a term used to describe a car registration with distinct and unique personalisation usually because of an association with someone's name or their initials, a place name, or an item of personal interest such as a car.

Question - What are Cherished Numbers?

Answer - Cherished Number Plate is a term used to describe a car registration issued to a vehicle before 1963 and it is a reference to high value dateless private plates traded in the UK but is a term also now adopted by other english speaking countries for different personalised number plate formats.

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